Pakej Superb Build Your Brand LBM6




  1. Bengkel Online 2 Hari bernilai RM200

2. Group Coaching bernilai RM200

3. E-workbook Dynamic bernilai RM50

4.Facebook Group LBMFighters bernilai RM50

5. Bina Modul Bermagnet bernilai RM50

6. Jana Pendapatan Dengan Modul Berimpak Tinggi bernilai RM37

7. Tools Bina Modul bernilai RM30

8. Template ebook bernilai RM150

9. Template Salespage bernilai RM127

10. Video Editing course bernilai RM50

11. FbAds Lejen bernilai RM70

12. 50 Hari Telegram Support Group bernilai RM500

13. Module Graduation

14. E-Sijil

15. Recording LBM bernilai RM100

Total Value = RM1614


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